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MU7 Yellow - Well round team with a passion for football

We have 2 new players Sebastian and Emilio settling in nicely and we welcome back Jacob, Colin, Lewis and Kiel. The boys bring different strengths to the team and game which makes us very well rounded.

The team has developed incredibly over the past few months and look full of confidence every time they have the ball at their feet.

They attend training weekly and all players arrive with a smile and can’t wait to start! They continue to impress Coach Louisa with all their energy and new skills! They enjoy it so much (they beg) for a practice game (or two) at the end of training.

We have seen some great individual goals (over 30 so far) and the boys are improving every week. They play the game in the spirit in which it is intended. It’s been a fun season so far. 😃

By Louisa (Coach) and Kirrily (Manager)

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