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Frequently Asked Questions

Football & Season Questions Answered Here

Do you have a question regarding our teams, our coaches or our games? Find out what you really need to know about Roselea Football Club by checking out our list of frequently asked questions. If you still haven’t received the answer you need, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to supply you with the information you’re looking for.

When does the season start?

2024 season matches start April 6th 2024 for all competitive and MiniRoo (non-competitive) age groups. The season runs until the last weekend of August.​​ Preparation for that date starts with team formation / grading of players (where required) from the first weekend of February. Team Formation & Player Grading details will be published on the club website and advised to players closer to the exact dates. Team training starts in March and pre-season practice games for the last 2 or 3 weekends of March.


Where are games played?

Roselea Football Club use Harold West ReserveRoselea Oval & Carlingford Ovals 1,2 & 3 as home grounds. The draw is set by the North West Sydney Football (NWSF) association and we endeavour to seek a high proportion of home games for our teams throughout the season. Click here for the list of NWSF Grounds Directory


When are games played?

Competition games take place as follows:​

  • U6 - U11: Miniroos – Mixed (non-competitive): Play on Saturday mornings

  • U12 - U17, Mixed: Mainly play on Saturday mornings

  • Mixed U18s and U21: Play on Saturdays – usually at 11am or 1pm and occasionally on Sunday mornings.

  • Senior men’s matches : Normally Saturday afternoon (occasional Sunday games for some age groups)

  • Girls MiniRoos (U6 – U11): Sundays - mornings or early afternoons

  • Girls U12 - U16s: Sundays - mornings and early afternoons

  • Girls U18s - Sundays – late mornings or afternoons

  • Women’s All Age and Over Age: Sunday afternoons

A full draw will be made available showing all game times and venues late March / early April. 


When do teams train?

Teams train one or two session per week (depending on age and division). ​Teams will train across Tuesday – Thursday nights and will be allocated space across Harold West Reserve, Roselea and Carlingford Ovals.

Team coaches / managers will liaise with the team to determine the most convenient training night for the team and the full training session allocation schedule will be negotiated by the Club's Football Directors working together. All training session requests are subject to the club being able to allocate ground space at the preferred time.

RFC will also arrange additional training including “collaborative sessions” for younger MiniRoos teams; specialised clinics and additional player development clinics.


What age group will I play in?

To be eligible to play in “under age” grades, a player must be under the relevant age on the 31st December of the previous year – e.g. to play Under 6 in 2024 you must be 6 or younger on 31st December 2023, to play Under 12 you must be 12 or younger on 31st December 2023. In other words a player’s age group will be “Under” the age they turn during the year of registration. 

To be eligible to play in “over age” grades, a player must be over the relevant age when you register for that team. Registrations are open until mid June each season.


How are teams organised?

Roselea FC is a family-oriented sports club. We believe in promoting participation in our game, equal opportunity for all players, development of football and team skills, and above all, enjoyment of the game.

Competitive success is recognised as a valid motivator for individual players and teams to varying degrees. However the Club believes that placing players in a team and grade appropriate to their skill level plays a significant role in forming our teams.

The club has a full grading policy which aims to promote and balance these objectives. That Grading Policy guides our process of individual player grading and overall team formations.


Can we play with our friends?

Experience has shown the majority of children will quickly make new friends when put into a team of the appropriate skill level, so playing with friends is not a club priority. However, RFC understands that it is important for some children to play with their friends.

The club will therefore attempt to accommodate "play with friends" requests subject to the following considerations:

  • All players graded with a nominated friend will be graded down to the level of the lowest skilled player of the nominated children. (e.g. if your child is graded in the ‘A’ team and his/her friend is in the ‘C’ team, if the request is granted both children will play in the ‘C’ team).

  • Nominations to play with friends must be received, prior to grading completion, including email consent of parents of all friends wanting consideration to play together; via email to the relevant Football Directors .

  • The club will then attempt to place your child with the friend. No absolute guarantee can be given for all “play with friend” requests. Final determination of teams depends on a range of factors including significantly suitable player numbers being allocated across all teams.

Adult teams (outside our top Super League and AA/1, U21/1s ) are organised by the relevant Football Directors in consultation with team coaches / managers. ​We welcome any new players not associated with a particular team and we will be able to allocate you to a suitable team.


Who coaches the players?

All teams require a coach. Our club is run on volunteers and we ask parents of players / club supporters and our senior players to consider coaching and managing our junior teams.

The club seeks to have all our coaches trained and accredited. For 1st Division Team (u9s to u18s) we have a Coach Nomination process allowing for all interested persons to nominate for such positions accredited. We ask such nominees to present their experience and accreditation details to our Club’s Technical Committee who will determine those Division 1 team coaching appointments.

For our non-competitive and lower division teams we look for coaches from parents and senior-players. Coaching is a great experience as a parent and you only need some basic knowledge of football to be able to perform the coaching role. The club will support new and existing coaches no matter what their experience levels and have both online and practical resources to assist, as well as offering FFA accredited coaching courses free of charge to our club coaches.

For our youngest players, MiniRoos (U6 to U8), Teams are encouraged to run a weekly training sessions under their designated team coach.


What is the cost of registration?

The club charges a one off registration fee to play which covers the entire 2024 season (Apr - Aug). The cost varies depending on the age group. The registration fee covers costs such as hire of grounds, referee fees, administration charges, insurance and all the other costs associated with running the club and the competition.

Less than half the registration fee goes to Roselea FC and is made up of costs we have to pay to the association for ground hire and competition coordination and governing body costs paid to Football NSW and Football Federation Australia for administration of the game.

For more details on our 2024 fees see our Registration Page. A full breakdown of where your fees are allocated is available online when you register.

The fees that do get collected by the club help us cover ground hire fees, player jerseys, training balls and equipment, collaborative training costs and other administration and running costs of the club.

You will be given a playing jersey for the season (which must be handed back at season end) but need to purchase Club shorts and socks to play in, available from the Club. (See our Online Store) In addition, every player must have football boots and shin pads which you can buy at most sports stores. There are no other ongoing fees or charges.


How do I register?

Registration to play with Roselea Football Club is a simple online registration process. Follow the instructions on the Registration page.

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