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Coaches & Managers

This page provides our Roselea FC Coaches and Managers with all the information they need to have a successful 2024 season. This page will be updated throughout the season with everything you will need for the season.

Age Coordinators

 Coach & Manager Information

Manager Information

Matchsheet Info

Dribl Match Sheets Information and Borrowing Matrix

Which Age Groups need to submit and confirm Match Sheets and Scores
  • It is compulsory for match sheets to be submitted and confirmed within Dribl for all teams participating from U10 age group up to O55’s in Mixed, O40’s in Women’s and Masters. This is necessary as referees are appointed in all these age groups.

  • It is compulsory for all teams from U6 right through to Masters to enter scores for the full season through the Dribl App. From U6-U11 these results are not visible to the public and are used internally by NWSF for grading purposes only. Please make sure scores are entered, as we will be chasing club administrators to get them and there are fines involved for not adding scores. This was agreed to by the clubs back in December 2022 and is now in the Regulations (Reg 8.20).

  • If you already see a score entered simply type over the top of it and press submit, as it will record when the home and away team add their scores.

Who can update the match sheets
  • Team Reporters and Team Recorders are approved to update Match Sheets in Dribl. Coaches and Managers are automatically assigned as Team Reporters and Team Recorders.

  • Any person can be made a Team Reporter and Team Recorder as long as it approved and allocated by the Club Administrator.

Match Sheet Must Knows
  • All players (including borrowed players), coaches and managers who are participating in the match, must be listed as available. Players who are not playing do not click as available. 

  • To pre-set a players number for the season, hold down on the player selecting and a dropdown menu will appear and go to the bottom and select ‘Set Jersey Number’ and add in players number and submit.

  • Premier League, Super League and Women’s Premier League – please select a starting eleven.

  • Once the teams are submitted, the teams can then be confirmed by the opposition team. 

  • Teams should not delay submitting their team if players are running late. Any players that arrive late, must make themselves known to the opposition manager/coach and match officials before entering the field of play and if they are on the match sheet. If the player is not on the match sheet, you can request from the opposition to unconfirm (if they have confirmed) , unsubmit your team and make player available and resubmit. This should all be done in the presence of the opposition coach/manager, so its all above board.  

  • Any players not listed as available on the match sheet, are not eligible to take part in the match. A forfeit and possible sanctions against the manager or coach could ensue if a deliberate breach was found to have occurred.

  • Any borrowed player that is listed in the Match Sheet is deemed to have played, even if not clicked as being available. Only add players if they are certain to play, otherwise it will count towards their tally of upgrades, if applicable.

  • It is the Team Recorder and Team Reporters responsibility to make sure the teams are entered and submitted correctly. Excuses for not doing this will not be tolerated.

Problems with Opposition Team
  • Lodge a dispute here

  • If a team suspects their opposition is playing ineligible players, they must try and resolve prior to the game kicking off.

  • They must inform referee, who will note it down, but it’s not the referee’s job to resolve the issue or get involved other than noting it down. The only exception to a referee getting involved, is if one team insists on seeing the players of the opposition team at half way (which they are entitled to do) and it may delay the start of a game.

  • If a team suspects their opposition of wrongdoing, they must submit a Dispute in Dribl straight after the game and notify the opposition. Photos should be taken of the offending player/s in question and sent with any email from the club to support the dispute that has been entered into Dribl. Without any visual evidence, it’s very hard to prove.

Forfeiting a Match
  • If a team needs to forfeit a match, this is a very easy process through Dribl – Click on this link

  • All forfeits should be enacted through the Dribl App.

  • Once a forfeit is requested, the Competition Administrators will receive a notification, who then can authorise the forfeit. Once confirmed all participants involved in the game, including referees, will receive notification of the forfeits.

Borrowed Players
  • The borrowed player rules have changed a little since last season, while some changes from last year will remain in 2023. Most notable things are:

    • Upon playing up an eighth game as an Upgraded Player within the one season, that player shall be re-graded to play in the higher grade and division they played on the eighth (8) occasion.

    • Mixed Premier League and Super League, a limit of five (5) borrowed players shall be allowed in a match for the same team.

    • In Over Age competitions only (ie O30 to O55), as part of the five (5) borrowed players, a player may play as a downgraded player in any team (in Over Age competitions) if they are age and gender eligible. Teams are only allowed a maximum of 2 downgraded players.

    • Players registered in U16 and U18 age groups may play for their Club in Mixed and Women's Premier League (subject to gender eligibility) and Mixed Super League without it counting towards their 8 upgraded games.

    • If a Clubs two lowest graded teams happen to play in the same age and division, one team only may borrow a maximum of two (2) players from the other team.

    • Please fin attached the Borrowing Matrix documents, which should be provided to all managers and downloaded and have with them at their games. There is one full version and depending on what age group you are playing, one single document.

  • These regulations and many other documents can be found in the Resources folder on NWSF website

Borrowing Plys
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