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Roselea FC 2023 Player Development Program
U6 - U11

Roselea FC places a high emphasis on player development. Our aim is to increase the football skills, abilities, and confidence of our MiniRoos and Junior players, leading to a greater level of enjoyment and fulfilment from the game of football.

For our MiniRoo Players (girls and boys U6 - U11), we partner with Kano Football.  Kano is an Australian football (soccer) organisation focussing on developing the non-elite community level of our game. Kano is dedicated to increasing the standards of grassroots (non-elite) football.

Kano does not target at elite players, but players of all abilities. By bridging the gap between the highly skilled and less skilled abilities the overall level of ability, satisfaction and participation in the sport is increased with a greater pool of skilled children.  For more info on Kano click here

We offers a six session skills development program in Term 3 of 2023.  Sessions commence Friday 21 July at Harold West Oval.

The program will offer skills development sorted for each players current skill and experience level including:

  • developing better ball control and passing skills.

  • increase individual football skills and mastery.

  • ​advancing to positioning, combination play and off the ball movement for more advance players ​


Players may book and attend either individually or as part of their team group.  All fees are strictly non-refundable. Wash-outs will be replayed if possible. Fees can only be refunded if wash-outs cannot be replied.


For more information on our Kano Program please contact Jeff Saul at or 0418 662 912.

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