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2019 Premiers & Champions

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Mission Statement -  Womens Football @ Roselea FC

At Roselea FC, we are  Champions for the women's game and are passionate about girls and ladies, daughters, sisters and mum's of all ages and abilities playing Football.


Roselea FC will strive to engage and encourage Girls and Womens from all walks of life to participate in an active lifestyle through competitive football.

Roselea FC will strive to offer football opportunities to any Girl or Woman to satisfy the sporting desires and motivation, be it Pathways to the highest level they wish to play or Participation of Fun, Fitness and Friendship. Or a combination of both.

Roselea FC will strive to be the club of choice in the Local area through reputation as providing the best possible Football Experiences it can for our members. We will not poach, but work to improve ourselves to be as enticing and attractive as possible. Only positive things will come from a positive mindset.

Roselea FC will work with  neighbouring clubs, Associations, FNSW, A league/W League clubs and FFA to attract the 70% of females who are not engaged in football, rather than waste energy fighting over the 30% who already are.

As part of our Strategy - 2030,

  • By 2022, our goal is to offer a girls and women's team in every age group to be able to provide a football experience for all players in their age group.

  • By 2025 our goal is to provide two teams in every age group to provide a football experience for every girl or woman at the level that they desire to play, pathways or participation.

  • By 2027 our goal is for gender parity across all age groups in our club.

  • All our coaches will have the required level of FFA Coaching qualification for the level of team that they are coaching.

Rohan Primrose

Vice President Womens Football

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Strategy - 2030 Planning -  Female Football @ Roselea FC

At Roselea FC we DREAM BIG and PLAN BIG. We are only limited by our imagination.


We are planning for the massive growth in Womens Football global by starting locally at Roselea FC, with our 10 year plan.

Click the link to read the discussion points from our planning/strategy meeting in August 2019, attended by our coaches, managers and engaged parents, all who are champions of Womens Football.

Strategy Planning Meeting Slide Deck

If you would like to discuss anything regarding Roselea FC Womens Football or wish to engage with any our our programs, please call Rohan on 0418475171.

Female Football and Activities @ Roselea FC

Click the Gallery links below to view the of some Female Football Activities we offer at Roselea FC:

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