Roselea FC Girls on the sails of the Opera House.

We are super stoked to see our Roselea FC girls up in lights on the sails of our iconic Opera House and also in the WWC2023 Austalia/New Zealand Bid Book.

We Did It!

The 2023 Womens World Cup is coming to ANZ.

It is with tears of joy, relief, hope and excitement that we are delighted to learn early this morning, the FIFA announcement of the joint #AsOne bid for Australia and New Zealand winning the hosting rights for the 2023 Womens World Cup.


As a father of two football mad daughters, a champion for women’s football and football tragic in general, I can’t wait to be a part of the event on home soil.


We look forward with eagerness the increased exposure women’s football will have locally and around the country as more girls and women join their brother and fathers in the love of our beautiful game.

We also with hope for the trickledown benefits this increased exposure will have for investment in local facilities for the benefit of our community.


Roselea FC are ready to step up and play our part in the tournament and will work with local association, FNSW and event organisers to provide opportunities for our boys and girls and memories for a lifetime.


A big congratulations to FFA and the #AsOne Bid Committee.


We can’t wait.


Rohan Primrose

Vice President Womens Football

Roselea FC.

opera house.jpg