Wet Weather

Roselea FC Ovals

as at Monday 22 June 2021...

Harold West - Open

Roselea Oval - Open

Carlingford 1 - Open

Carlingford 2 - Open

Carlingford 3 - Open

Please take care of our grounds in the wet. 

Wet Weather Guidelines
  • City of Parramatta provides up-to-date sports ground closure information in the local governmental area. Users are encouraged to monitor the information daily, as grounds can remain closed for several days after a period of rain. 

  • Grounds may also be closed on Saturday mornings by clubs or referees if they deem the ground unfit to play.  Every effort will be made to communicate these ground closures to teams via the website before teams leave for their match. However this may not always be possible as these decisions are made based on weather conditions that can be variable across different parts of our association.

  • The use of a sporting field following significant rainfall can damage the playing surface and raise risk management issues with emphasis on player safety. To ensure that our sporting fields are maintained at a safe standard, it is necessary for City of Parramatta to close grounds until they are suitable for use again. 

  • Rain on the night before or on the morning of the match does not necessarily mean your match will be cancelled. We do not cancel games for rain. We only cancel games if the ground has been closed or is deemed unfit for play. If there are cancellations or postponements of matches, or matches are relocated, the website will be updated to reflect this. Please continue to check the draw on our website as your game may be cancelled at one ground and relocated to another that is open for play in some circumstances.

  • Mostly we would just ask our players and parents to be patient. The weather cannot be controlled however we will do our best to communicate early and often.

     Our Grounds are Harold West Reserve, Roselea Oval and Carlingford Ovals 1, 2 &3.