Roselea FC
COVID Safe Training Requirements

The following requirements MUST be met by ALL players, coaches, managers, parents, and club officials at all times.

As a club Roselea FC is working to ensure the health and safety of all our members and the wider community while allowing community football is a COVID-Safe format and environment.



Participants should not attend training if, in the past 14 days, they have:

  • been unwell or had any flu-like symptoms, or

  • been in contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19, or

  • suffered any sudden loss of smell or loss of taste, or

  • are at a high risk from a health perspective

  • have pre-existing serious medical heath conditions.


Social Distancing must be observed at all times, before, during and after each training session.

1.5m distance from each other and 1 person per 4sq m.



All training sessions are to be non-contact skills training. Non-contact skill training drills can include passing, shooting, headers. Accidental contact may occur during drills, however no deliberate body contact drills such as tackling is permitted.


Recommended Training Drills for this format can be seen here.

Training Schedule can be accessed here.



  • Training squads may be NO MORE than 20 people – including the coach, manager or other team officials.

  • All coaches, managers and othe team officials (for any teams with players u18) MUST have current Working With Children Checks (WWCC) unless they are younger then 18yrs.


  • Teams are allocated 1/2 fields for training

  • Training sessions will run according to the previously published 2020 Team Training Schedule.  (See club website).

  • Players & coaches must NOT congregate in groups before or after training sessions.

  • Players & coaches must move directly onto their training pitch promptly at the start of their session time. 

  • Managers must communicate to all players / parents prior to the first training session to inform them about the Roselea Fc – COVID Safe Training Requirements in general

  • All sessions MUST finish 10 minutes prior to the scheduled finish time.  Players must then immediately & separately leave their training pitch.  Coaches / Managers must collect all training gear and vacate their training pitch no later ten minutes before the scheduled finishing time.


Water Bottles:

  • Players must place their bottles around their training pitch at least 3ms apart.  Players MUST not congregate in one space for a drinks break

Training Bibs:

  • Each player should be given a training bib of the same colour.  They must take their bib home, wash it and retain it for the duration of these COVID-Safe training sessions.

  • Teams can request additional bibs if required to allow each player in a training group to receive a bib of the same colour.  This will allow any training group to have a “Bibs” / “no-Bibs” separation in any training group.

  • Players must NOT swap training bibs at anytime.




  • no more than 20 people to be involved in any training session

  • no person to person contact training drills to be conducted.

  • social distancing to be implemented – 1.5m.

  • any handling of equipment is to be kept to a minimum.

  • heading of a ball may occur during the natural process of a drill, for example a ball being crossed. However, practising of heading by picking up the ball and throwing is not allowed.

  • throw-ins are discouraged.

  • no usage of change rooms, gym, or inside areas are allowed.

  • if training bibs are used, each individual player is to be allocated a bib and each player is required to take the bib home and wash.

  • regular breaks are to be provided for the purpose of rehydrating and hand sanitising.

  • toilets will be open for use.

  • players are to enter and leave the pitch and venue in a coordinated manner minimising contact with others and not gathering in large groups.

  • no social activity is to occur once training has concluded.



   Players …

  • should arrive close to the time of their session and move directly onto their training pitch at their allocated session time.

  • should not congregate before or after training.

  • are to bring their own drink bottles and they are to be clearly labelled. No sharing of drink bottles is to be permitted.

  • are to leave the venue immediately once their training session has concluded.

   Parents and caregivers...

  • spectators are not permitted on the sidelines of training pitches.

  • must wait in car / outside venues to avoid gatherings.


Each coach / training leader MUST at every training session take a photo, or make a list of the full attendance group and email this to within 24 hours.

These records will remain confidential and will ONLY be accessed IF identification of training group members is required by health officials for virus tracing in case of an infection.

If it is not possible to take a photo, then a list of names must be emailed instead. All photos & list will be destroyed after this period of specially formatted training is concluded.


  • players, officials, volunteers and/or parents/carers should carry hand sanitiser personally in order to enable good personal hygiene.

  • if using tissues, place them directly in bins provided.

  • seek to avoid the use of public toilets, however if necessary, ensure hands are washed thoroughly.

  • each participant is to provide their own drink bottle that is clearly labelled and is only used by that individual. No sharing of drink bottles.

  • each participant is to take their training bib home to wash individually.

  • no sharing of pens or clip boards, each volunteer must bring their own to venues.

  • wash your hands frequently with soap and water, before and after eating, and after going to the toilet.

  • cover mouth and nose with a tissue or your elbow (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze.

  • wash hands with soap and water often.  Use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available.

  • do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean.

  • no spitting at any time.

  • wipe down all surfaces and objects with appropriate anti-bacterial/disinfectant wipes or soap, particularly those frequently touched. This includes door handles, light switches, kitchen surfaces, bathroom surface, phones, remote controls and any other high touch areas.

  • practice social distancing. If someone comes and stand next to you, move around the field and ensure you implement proper distancing.



Go to the Roselea FC Website for more information on COVID-Safe Training including:

  • FNSW – Full “Return to Training Guidelines”

  • Roselea FC Presentations to Coaches & Managers

  • Suggested Training Sessions for “Max 10: Covid Safe Training”


For further information:

     Players or Parents contact:

          Roselea FC Admin Officer, Amanda Primrose at or 0407 177 753


      Club President, Jeff Saul at or 0418 662 912

      Coaches and Managers:

           Please contact your Vice President in the first instance.

Reference materials: