Team Reports 2020

U9/2 Red

Roselea Winter Premier was postponed to July due to the COVID-19, but all the U9-2 Red players are very fun with the matches in real winter from July to September.


There were total 13 matches they enjoyed and obviously the players improved the soccer skills as well as the teamwork. We had some formidable opponents like Beecroft, we lost the 1st match with them in the rainy day. But our team players didn't give up, they enhanced skills and tactical training.


Finally, they won the match with Beecroft at the 2nd match on home field. Our parents are so proud of these boys and a beautiful girl and wish the little soccer players get stronger in the next season.


Thanks again for Roselea Soccer Club for creating the opportunity for our players.

Have a nice season break.

U9/2 Red


Girls U13/1

2020 was a tough season for the G13/1s  - the COVID delays affected us like all teams; once we got started we got postponed again with 5 girls going into school lockdown; a comp re-draw really disadvantaged us as we played all the top teams more often and the lower teams hardly at all; 2 broken arms in one team – and not football related – were bad enough. The fact that both girls were part of our small group of goalkeepers was just an extra blow.

But this group of girls just kept going.  All of the above saw us slide well down the ladder from our number 2 position last season in u12s.  But they just kept training hard, playing hard and showing some really good football even if the results we not what we wanted. 

We finished the season with a very enthusiastic squad of 17 players who were a delight to be involved with – lots of fun on & off the field.  A bit of “management” needed at times at training, but the spirit, enthusiasm and ability of these 17 young ladies was first rate.

Congratulations to Leah, Matea, Ayla, Amelia, Evie, Mia E, Mia F, Michaela, Ana, Coira, Lucy, Hanna, Jessica, London, Danijela, Padi and Olivia – a great group of girls and a terrific team of players.

So many thanks to Tom, our manager and Charlotte & Sam, our assistant coaches who are also playing in junior teams at Roselea FC.

And to all our parents and supports – many, many thanks for being such a “great sideline” for this team.



Girls U18/1

The 2020 season for this team can be summed up on the final game of season.  A 5-4 victory over Ryde Panthers – the eventual Premiers.   A match  where we never had the lead – until 3 minutes to go.  But we never gave up despite the opposition edging ahead 4 times.  A mighty 5-4 win in a game that had everything a GF would have  - except a trophy 😊

At the end of all that the team missed the Grand Final by 2 goals – not points, but just 2 on goal difference.   And to finish the season with a 7-match undefeated run was just huge.


This team had its origins as a Girls u9 team (at another club) and have gone on a journey with some players dropping off, many new players joining – including 3 new players this season – and a spirit to just keep giving.  And the last several weeks were an absolute joy to watch it come together on the park … oh so close !

But the fun, the spirit, the ability, the effort were all there on display and it has been a delight to be involved with this group of young ladies over many years now.


Well done to – Maddi, Kirsten, Akira, Charlotte, Sophie, Bella, Rosie, Gina, Belinda, Lauren, Sarah, Roxie, Charlie & Gabby.  And a huge thank-you to Quyen our manager & assistant coach who gives the team so much.

Thanks also to our parents & supporters – the sideline has looked a little different in this COVID year, and when players get to be 17 & 18 things do change.  Having the team drive themselves to training and games seems so far away form the u9s they used to be.  BUT you only had to be on the sideline for our last game of the season to hear the great support form a huge groups of parents, siblings and friends.


And a final thanks being part of a great club that is Roselea FC.  We only had 14 players this season – which was very tough with injury, illness and HSC.  The team is so appreciative of the support of the G15s and G16s who kept stepping in and subbing up every time they could.   Our results were truly “club results”



Under 12/1

Having coached the core of this team since Under 6s, I knew that finally being able to play competitive football at under 12s was something special for them before a ball had even been kicked. We’ve had some players leave and others join through those years, but this year was special. Three of our former players returned from SAP and another Club, while Julian joined us from another Association.

In the regular comp we played 13 rounds, and the boys’ immense achievement in those games was to remain unbeaten, winning 10 and drawing 3, scoring 45 goals and conceding just 8. We finished in 2nd place behind All Saints who pipped us to 1st by 1 point, and guaranteed our Final place with 2 games to spare. Unfortunately in the Final we went down 2-1, but the boys’ effort was fantastic.

To the players, MANY congratulations and thank you to Adam, Daniel, Harrison, Jake, Jayden, Joel, Julian, Ky, Levi, Noah, Samuel, Simon and Thomas. You’ve been a credit to yourselves and to your Club, and I’m lucky that I get to coach you. Thanks also to the parents, for getting the boys to training and the games, and especially to Ben as Manager.


John James (Coach)

Girls U14/1

Having been Champions in Under 13s, we started this season full of optimism for another strong season.

After the delayed season start, we had a great run of results, winning 8 of the first 10 games, cementing 2nd position in the table. Overall in 13 rounds we won 8, drew 1 and lost 4, scoring 29 goals and conceding just 13. This was enough to nail down 2nd place, and earn us a place in the Final for the second year in a row. Unfortunately the Final was one game too far, and although we rallied strongly after a poor start, the game finished 0-4.


To the girls, to finish as Runners-Up was a magnificent achievement in a very tough division, so it’s a BIG thank you from me for all your hard work and effort, and congratulations on your season to Angela, Charlotte, Ella, Emma, Harini, Isabella, Julianne, Kaitlyn, Lucy, Mia J, Mia Q, Naisha, Rachel, Sami and Teja. Thank you also to the parents for getting the girls to training and games despite the difficult circumstances, and especially to Gayna for putting up with me and sorting out the Manager’s duties.

Under 6 Yellow C

People love to experience something new. This year we've all managed to tick a few things off that list! 
Pandemic, tick.  Willingly being locked in your own house for weeks, tick.  Wearing masks all the time, tick. 

But the parents of the U6 Yellow-Cs have had the added pleasure of witnessing their kids run around on a football pitch for the first time. 

These bunch of kids have been a pleasure to coach. At this age the skills are not quite as important as to have them enjoy the game. So all we needed to remind them of at training or before a game was to ask themselves two questions :
1. Did you try your best?
2. Did you have fun?
As long as both of those questions were responded to with a resounding "YES!", then we did our jobs. We had a pretty good strike rate on that front which was a testament to the kids. 


So congratulations to all our superstars. 
- Abhijeet - Great all round game, attacking and defending, never let his team mates down. 
- Christian - Joy to coach! Always went above and beyond for his team. 
- Everton - never shirked his responsibility to the team, tried his heart out. 
- Harriet - was always the bravest person on the field, and had a couple of great finishes!
- Jackson - Our most passionate superstar. Scored a Michael Owenesque goal which had all the parents celebrating very hard!
Jed - very mature player. Did his best, but always made sure he helped his team mates do their best.
Maella - showed speed and tenacity to always get that ball back. 
Oscar - he was our tireless worker who always chased that ball all over the field!


Thank you to all their family's it was such a great group this year. 
Thankyou for making this a very special first!


Coach Mike and Coach Shawn

Girls U16/2

The 2020 season was fantastic season both on and off the field for the G16/2 Girls considering the challenges of the year.


I’d like to say a massive thankyou Obeid for helping me navigate the ever changing COVID-19 requirements and to the girls and their parents for working with us as we tried to squeeze as much football into the shortened season as possible.


On the field the most enjoyable and satisfying parts of the season was working with and watching the girls grow their football skills, but more importantly their football IQ.


Our focus is never on results but the process. Get that right and the results take care of themselves. With most of the training happening between the ears, for the girls and me as coach, working on awareness and positioning of the ball, the opposition and team mates, along with timing and a sense of calm, especially under pressure situations. And the results did come with the team only narrowly missing out on the premiership and a chance at the grand final by one game and 1 point, with the table not settled till the last match of the season.


Most notable standouts in the calm department were my two Ice Queens, Rizo and Amber defensively at 3 and 4.  Their intuition between each other of when to press and when to hold attributed directly to our lean Goals Against tally of 13, along with Emma who found a liking for Goal Keeping, making the NWSF Academy squad.  Having a solid full time goal keeper has made all the difference to the confidence of the team and the stability at the back.  Ale and Sara also found a home in defence this year, but they too shared in the goal scoring as we played our high pressing attacking football.


At the other end of the field with a table topping 33 goals was Ruby, Astella and Gemma with pace to burn down the wings, Christina at 9 turning defenders inside out.


In the engine room as always was Amy, ably supported by additions to the team, Mykaylah, Sarah, Rochelle and AK with the versatility of Brooke to play anywhere on the park,


As a bonding exercise to bring the girls closer together, and maybe a feature for all teams at Roselea FC, this season saw the introduction of a team training shirt, proudly sponsored by Toni Rizoski and Toni’s Property Maintenance.  The girls stood an inch taller as they trained and warmed up for the last game of the season, which turned out to be an elimination semi-final for the top 4 teams.


The team was fantastically led by our leadership team of Captain Ruby, who grew into the role as the season progressed, motivating the team when we were up against it and supported by Vice Captains Emma and Ale.


Congratulations to Mykaylah on being voted the Players Player, the Team Player award going to Emma as voted by the Parents and the Coaches Award to Rizo and Amber for 2020.


We look forward to seeing all the girls back on the park in 2021.

Under 13/1

Under 13s is the second year of full field football – but teams are often impacted by the start of high school. Roselea 12/1 from 2019 was o=no exception – with a couple of players lost – including the goal keeper.


The team had 11 full time players registered – so clearly we would be relying on the kindness of the draw to be able to get subs from Under 12/1 mixed, younger players from 14/3 – but we could also draw on the Girls 13/1 Sunday team. All would be heavily relied upon and provided greta support and very skillful footballers to assist – often starting games due o plyer injuries or Ben Woodhouse playing numerous games in goals for us.


The year was a tough one for the team, with a handful of goals, one draw (our first game of the season). But the stats rarely tell the full story – so the following is some context on the 2020 season.


Big thanks to Andrea and Chris from the AA1 men’s team for their mid season training session to pep the team up and focus on midfield possession.


Season goalkeeping was  Ben, and a couple of 12/1 players taking the majority of goal keeping duties, then Lachlan Waldron and Will Stanger volunteering to step in when needed.


The defensive 4 – was up to it almost always – but no substitutes and the weight of possession often weighed against then mater in games – especially on some of the larger grounds we played on. The 2 games against the Lions stand out – where we kept them under control for the majority of the game. Our second game against the Lions actually saw us take a 1 nil lead – and chaos set in amongst our opponents. We lost that game 2-1 in the end – after conceding an own goal 5 minutes from the end – and then hitting the post from 6 yards out. In fact our opponents graciously commented – that with subs we would have beaten them.  We heard that a couple of times during the season – and our parents and players could see this also.


Our final game of the season – on the long weekend in high 20’s heat on the astroturf at ELS Hall – just to make it hotter – was a nail biting 4-3 loss. We had 2 players for the 13/1 girls team plus 2 players from the 12/1 team who had raced from Harold West at the end of their game. The team gave their all chasing the elusive win – but pleasingly found their way to build from the back and created plenty of chances. A very positive end to the season – a steep learning one indeed.

Girls U15/1

Coming of consecutive grand final wins – from 3rd place – the COVID impacted season was always going to be different.


The squad this year was smaller – and injuries did not help us – Grace out for 10 weeks.


On the plus side – Niamh McGill slotted into the midfield from the 13/1 mixed team – practically every week – and we had great support form the 13/1 girls team too.


Some of the girls – Alanah Cameron and Bianca in particular got extra football experience by filling in for the 18/2 team


Rivalries in our 6 team competition are growing each year as the girls get older – particularly with Eastwood and Sharks. And like many derbies around the world of football – they are not always games for the purists – where the best football is played .


The girls finished 3rd again – to Eastwood and Sharks. And did not get the chance for a finals run. A couple of key games were the difference – but there some notable performances including Fiona almost single handedly dragging us back into a game against Sharks, but the final game against Hunters Hill – down by 1 at half time – and then scoring 3 goals in 15 minutes – by simply being more patient with the ball, using football skill and combinations with team mates. The last game of the season showed the blueprint for 2021 – be competitive – but keep the ball – and move it around – to create scoring chances.


This team will hopefully all be back in 2021 – anchored by their love of football, their friendships and support for each other and the club.