Women's All Age 4

Roselea’s WAA4 team this season is a new team will equal number of women coming together from last season’s AA women’s team; girls form our 2021 u18 team and new players to the club. And what a wonderful team has come together from that combination.

A group of players that are widely different in age - from late teens to early 40s – varied in experience and ability but with a common passion and great level of enthusiasm for the game that is bringing out the best in everyone. This team, like all our teams this season, has had the ups and downs of the stop-start, rain affected nature of this season. That being possibly even harder when you’re trying to put a new team together. But this team has responded brilliantly, to those challenges and has committed to training and match days in a competitive and high spirited way. All of that has come together to have them on the top of their competition table.

We’re trying not to get carried away - with a lot of the season left to play. And we may not always be a purist team but there is definitely skill and ability on show every week AND this is a fun team. A team that is keen to learn and improve. A team that is fun to watch play and a team that is absolutely deserving of the great results they are achieving. If you want to see some good AA women’s football, try and get down to either HW or Roselea Oval on a Sunday afternoon to cheer them on at some of their home games … and hopefully on into the semifinals. Jeff Saul