Mixed U8 Greens

Roselea U8 Greens are undoubtably a superstar team composed of wonderful young individuals.

Comprised of 8 of the most enthusiastic, wonderful and adorable young players which the district has to offer the team embodies all of the ideals of the Roselea football club, the North Western Sydney Football association and I dare say of FIFA and the footballing world as a whole.

The team is comprised of young players of diverse backgrounds and footballing abilities who are united by a love of the game and a comradery which makes them an absolute pleasure to steer through their football journeys.

Though the team is peppered with young players with the potential to play at the highest level in the future, its true strength comes a lot less from individual brilliance than from the willingness to work together, learn and show a level of team work and compassion which far surpasses the tender years of these individuals.

Though the current season have bought outstanding results thus far its not the wins that have driven the boys and girls which make up the U8 greens. The driving factors have been the fun of playing with mates (of whatever ability), the acquisition of new skills, the constant smiles, respect and acclamations from team mates and to be honest the post-game lollies.

No synopsis of a junior sporting team can be complete without at least a brief mentions of the poor parents who are dragged out of a warm winters bed each Saturday morning to facilitate the footballing fantasies of their children. In this regard the U8 Greens are one of a kind, the willingness of parents to chip in and make it wonderful not only for their own kids but for all their teammates can not pass without mention.