Girls U16/1 Blue

Our Girls u16/1 Blue team, is a team of great athletes, skilled footballers and really enthusiastic young teen girls. It is a special pleasure to be involved with this team as a coach. A team that has grown, evolved and come together over a number of seasons - a nucleus of the team have been playing together every season since u11s with other girls joining along the way. At its best, the football produced by this team is just an absolute pleasure to watch and allows even the coach to just stand back and enjoy the performance on the field in front of you. They might be a handful to coach of times. But this probably comes from their competitive spirit, their high level individual abilities and their innate personal desire to perform better. Their impatience for such performances can be seen at training and that sometimes the connecting of the hard grind of training to the end performance on-field is hard for them to grasp. But they turn up, put in and never stop giving They are a team that thrives on playing and they get better with continuous games. A lot of teams will say the same, but for us the stop-start of our third disrupted season in a row has kept them form getting on the run of performances that the team is capable of. But we treat that as a learning opportunity. They have been consistently at the top end of their competition in all of those disrupted seasons - 2022 is no different. The question now is whether the end result for this year will be determined more by their ability to play or by the vagaries presented through the rain disruptions that we are still facing. Either way I can promise you a wonderful exhibition of football if you ever get the chance to watch them play. A team that Roselea FC can be extremely proud of and one that will continue to grow and improve as long as they play together

Jeff Saul