RFC Minis Field Layout

Roselea and Carlingford Ovals

All grounds in the Hornsby and Ryde districts (including Roselea and Carlingford) are hired by NWSF on behalf of Clubs. The Club is allocated training days and times by NWSF. We share Roselea Oval with Beecroft FC and Epping Eastwood Tigers.  Each Club pays a fee to NWSF for the use of the grounds. Posts are supplied by Council and the grounds are marked by Council.


Hornsby Council actually hires the Carlingford grounds from Carlingford High School (Dept. of Education) and they are used by the school during the week. Hence sometimes you will see other line markings on Carlingford 2 and 3 e.g. for their athletics carnival.


On Friday nights Carlingford Cougars hire the grounds. On Saturday mornings Carlingford 3 is hired by Arden College hence no early games are played at the ground.  


Harold West Reserve

Harold West Reserve is hired by the Club from the Hills Shire Council. No other Clubs train there. We pay a fee to Council for the hire of the ground and are partially reimbursed the cost by NWSF. This reimbursement is based on the fact that games are played at the ground over the weekend. We supply and install the posts and line mark the ground ourselves.


Closure of grounds


The relevant Council determines whether grounds are open or closed for training during the week and for play on weekends. This decision is made by Council staff and is usually updated on their website and a recorded message by 2pm each day. They determine a grounds status on Friday afternoon for weekend games. If the Council closes the ground no one is allowed to train or play at the ground.  Any Club that does so can be fined and asked to pay for any repairs to the ground that the Council deems necessary. We may even lose access to the grounds if Council determines that we are not doing the right thing. The wet weather information is listed in the managers packs.


The Club also is given the discretion to close grounds even if the Council indicates that they are open. This is rarely done during the week as we feel that coaches and managers will make the right call if a ground is unplayable.


If we have heavy rain on Friday  night grounds are inspected around 6.00 - 6.30am on Saturday morning to determine whether they are playable or not. All grounds are inspected. If we decide to close a ground or grounds this decision is relayed to NWSF. They will then try to move games around to different grounds. It is only if they lose a substantial number of grounds that they will cancel a round. They make these calls as early as they can and will text us any changes. It is then the Club?s responsibility to let coaches and mangers? know. You will appreciate that it takes time to sort this out hence sometimes you may get to a ground and find that the game has been called off. This usually only affects teams playing at 8.30am or 9.00am. We try to get the information out as quickly as possible.


The same thing applies to any games played on our grounds on Sunday. Any decision to close grounds is passed on to either NWSF and the same processes occur as what happens to Saturday games.


The Committee is responsible for the actions of teams from Roselea and have no jurisdiction over other hirers.


We appreciate that everyone wants to train as much as possible. However, we all need to appreciate that once the grounds are closed it means no training. It is not practicable to switch teams training to different grounds.


Please be aware that Committee members have to wait just like you do to see if grounds are open for training or play. While we will disseminate information as soon as possible we cannot make a call before the relevant Councils do.