U15/2 Match Report - 28 July 2018

Photo day today at Roselea, but the paparazzi were at the wrong field. All the action as down at Carlingford 3. I wanted to call to get them along, but it’s so far away down there I think you need a Sat-Phone to communicate, and once I’d hiked in with the nets and flags in tow, I didn’t have the strength to trek back out. So you’ll have to take my word for it. Let me give you a quick snap of the game. 

In a must win game tensions were high before the game. We were pack to full strength with Andrew back from Alaska where he’d been fighting Polar Bears for sport….Cherrybrook would be a piece of cake for him. At least he felt at home in the Carlo 3 tundra. And did the big man fly…His goal saving defensive header will surely earn him extra frequent flyer points….Did he have jet fuel in his water bottle.  Super Min is moving up in the world, today to the midfield….he suffered a bit of bracket creep early on…taxing his performance, but he soon warmed to the role, adjusting his pace and I look forward to him going up up and away in the final series. Something tells me he’s the key. Freyanator was even better than last week if that’s possible. She is absolutely dominating that central defensive role and was well supported by "Grandma Bloomers" Shresth. He looked like he was lining up for a square dance, but it was effective and that’s what we’re aiming for. He was warmed up and ready to go coming off the bench. Very warm….it could have been snowing and he’d be warm.  I can only feel that without the wet suite, he could be even better.  Brother Baxter is another big improver at the back. Fast. Strong. Dazzling the opposition by wearing two different coloured boots. It’s mesmerising. Let’s hope he keeps his Ying-Yang boot-thang going…it works for me. Harrison has been growing in stature every week. Literally. He’s been drinking Giant Juice and soon will be the tallest on the park. Oh how quickly they grow up! Every week he and his contribution gets bigger.  Will personifies our improvement this year. Every corner, free kick, goal kick he took was picture perfect (okay there was one corner but hey…it just proves he’s human). Once we get the rest of the team onto his wavelength to meet the ball…watch out…this could be our secret weapon. I haven’t even got to Dylan yet. His best game of the season. Positive. Purposeful. And another P word that escapes me right now….but you get the Picture.  Point made. As a team we’re saving our best for last. Oh and while I’m talking about the best savings….how about our keeper Uzair. Is it a coincidence that our rise to fame just happens to coincide with Uzair’s return between the sticks. I don’t think so! He makes it look easy. This gives so much confidence to the rest of team.  Despite going down by one at half time…We knew we had it in us….the self belief is there. Tarun continued to bubble under the surface. Simmering away - just off the boil. He continues to threaten at any moment…gloves are off and the fight is really on.  Lachlan was toiling up front again with little reward. If only he could remember he is playing with 10 other people. His singular focus did pay off though when a Freya forward-assault bounced kindly allowing him to contest. He made the ball his own and dispatched it to the top of the net. Direct football 101. 

Kodai has his own paragraph. Week after week he puts in. Always 100%. Today he chased down a through ball and gave it everything he had to get a toe in front of the attacker. He could of put in a decent effort. But  he didn’t. He gave it all he had…and this led to a new paragraph. 

Ayush benefitted from Kodai’s effort. Like a corn-field in a tornado, he bends but does not break..weaving and turning, taking everything in his stride…driving forward to goal. Lay down the tracks…check the timetable because the Ayush express is on time and bringing it home. Kaito was there to finish up, slotting home the winner…and our spot in the final? (Stay tuned….) No surprise Kaito was there ….because he was everywhere…his positional play and running has been exemplary and we just need to connect Ayush, Lachlan and Kaito on a more regular basis to be an unstoppable force. At the moment they are playing three seperate (albeit wonderful games)…as Aristotle once said "the whole is greater than sum of the parts.”  That is synergy. That is our greatest asset. If we get that right we will win the final. 

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