U15/2 Match Report - 26 May 2018

Was that a fog or just the steam rising from the cool grass because we’re so hot? Not sure - but we were steaming today - I swear I saw the supporters putting on sun tan lotion.

It was like a training drill for Lachlan up front - shame he didn’t start the real game until the second half, but when he did…..but I’m getting ahead of myself. Ce Min was pushier than Malcom Turnbull in a QLD pub, no-one was getting in front of him. Dylan and Kodai found their big boys boot today and cleared the lines effectively. Baxter and Shresth improve week by week - we’re coming home strong this year. Is that the top 4 I can see up ahead? 

Tarun has the touch of an angel and the body of a tank. A killer combination on the right, supported well by wily "everywhere Will" - what position does he play again? Once again Andrew put his body on the line in goals (when he gets to use his hands as well…he’ll be really good.) Despite all this we went to the break two goals down.

A cruel counter attack with classic Cherrybrook kick and chase park football…It was like a game of “forcing back”, but we were better. In the second half we showed it. Harrison had a bit more game time and locked up the right - Ayush connected well to the feet of Kaito who had a David and Goliath battle with the right back….and we all know how that story ends….In a Kaito slingshot it’s 2-2….the momentum is ours, things are heating up…Someone contact Al Gore, we’re now contributing to Global Warming. Cherrybrook melted like butter under our incisions with a sharp attack.

Fittingly Lachlan realised it wasn’t goalkeeping practice but a real game and put us all out of our misery. A real winter warmer. Winning is a habit….and today we got hooked. 

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