U15/2 Match Report - 21 July 2018

Not since David and Goliath, Harry Potter and Voldermort or Marty McFly up against Biff Tannen has there been a bigger underdog story. But super coach Goran had some special surprise stones in his slingshot. In a coaching masterclass he "parked the bus" in the back third and left Lachlan turning left and right up front like a carnival clown-head trying to swallow the ball - and he had a feast with the backs clearing  relentlessly the entire match. But the prize today was more than a stuffed toy….it was a ticket to the final. 

The Freyanator returned putting more balls into touch than a England Rugby Union team. Super Min was solid as always in the back and was his very own one man counter attack - making surging runs forward into the oppositions half. Kodai kicked, Harrison harried and Shresth had one of those turning point games -  setting the bar high for the rest of his footballing career. He has set a new Shresthold, not to be surpassed. There was no way through for the Rovers. Ayush pushed forward with his characteristic  self confidence not being overcome by the situation and scored a brilliant solo goal. Our buffer was soon buffed out and we went to the break even Stevens…a job well done. So far mission accomplished. The second half was more of the same. It wasn’t pretty, but it was effective.  The whole team was a disciplined unit. William was as cool as ever…he made it look like a walk in the park…in fact…I think he was walking….this guy is sooooo cool, nothing can phase him. Brother Baxter has been one of quick learners this year…and old head on young broad shoulders…he was impenetrable on the left. Tarun and Dylan solidly went about their business - making it look effortless. But the huge effort was there from the whole team. Rovers pressed hard. Attack after relentless attack. It was a real nail biter - which was a worry as Uzair saved us again and again…by only a nails width. He is the rock that our Finals house is built on, but one moment of lost concentration and it turned to quick sand and we had that familiar sinking feeling. Rovers had a rare clear shot netting number 2. The collective “ohhhhh” would have been measured on the Richter scale…as the goal pin-pricked the high pressure system that had settled over the ground. But a storm cloud was brewing on the horizon and it’s name was Kaito. Kaito revelled in the space up front (because we were all defending). The wisp of a lad, who could get blown over by a feather….today became his own cyclone, clearing everything in his path. He created chance after chance until finally he landed one right between the eyes of the Rovers and they were over. Down for the count. 2-2.  As Marty McFly would say…."Nobody calls us chicken” You won’t need roads where we’re going. We are flying high. Today was our Future….and we’ll be back for more next week.

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