U13/1 Match Report - 22 July 2018

The prior 2 encounters between the Roselea girls and the All Saints Hunters Hill girls had finished in 1 all and 2 all draws – so goals were on the cards. But who could recover from going behind initially, and who could keep the opposing attackers quiet – would the game be won in the forwards or the defence – and which midfield would gain the upper hand.

8 am games are always tough – but after a long season of almost all games at this time, we have realised that a good run, some ball work – and pre game jelly snakes seem to work.

10 minutes in and we were under pressure with Aadya already being called on to push a close range shot around the post. Then  a zig zagging run, and a calm finish by the All Saints striker where she stroked the ball with the outside of the right past the advancing Aadya in our goal and the Roselea girls were behind one nil.

No panic, just work a bit harder. The girls had found the spaces out wide and Bella then made a direct run through the middle from the half way line and twice out willed defenders in tackles to continue toward goal. The keeper was glued to the goal line and a coll finish – level again.

Stayed that way til half time, but we new we could explore the spaces out wide and with the twin strikers pressuring every loose ball and allowing their defenders no time to settle or turn, we could play in their half.

Domique scored 10 minutes into the second half via a sliced attempt to clear the ball from a defender. The joy was audible from the girls – but they focused knowing our opponents would become even more adventurous going  forward.

The defensive unit that includes Tippi, Roni, Alannah M, Elen and Bianca sweeping was rock solid – and did not allow their striker to turn after the early goal. Better than that, when the striker did try and turn back to find her midfielders, Lara in midfield had tracked back to shut that down too.

Finished at a 2 – 1 win for the Roslea girls which had all fought their hardest and to a player had both given their all and had one of their best games of the season.

Players were tired, congratulating each other and thoroughly deserved the applause. Many of the girls are now getting older brothers along to watch the games as well as younger siblings – which is great for the team environment – and lovely to see the whole family together.

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