14/1s Sky Blue Match Report - 3 June 2018

Love the positivity of these girls. They get knocked down, they get up again dust themselves off and come out tougher and stronger... exactly what we saw in our second half. Our stars on the paddock today, Emma, not sure what she had for breakfast, but she came out hard and fast and Minky who showed us her fiery side. Miss Brooke was rock solid again in goals and is truly becoming our No. 1 keeper.

Introducing a new segment this week to inspire other Coaches!

COACH'S CATCHPHRASES - This weeks cream of the crop:

"I want to see some BARNSTORMING RUNS" and


Keep up the amazing attitude girls, you’re all amazing.

A special thanks to Lucy, Isabella and Sammy from under 12s for helping us out. We very much appreciated it.

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