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$200,000 Carlingford Ovals

Flood Light Upgrade

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NSW Gov is supporting local communities through infrastructure grants.


We have secured a 10 year lease agreement between the NSW Department of Education and Parramatta Council for the Carlingford High School ovals. 


In the new lease Roselea FC named as the primary user group and driving force for redevelopment.


This now paves the way for long over due and desperately needed upgrade works to be conducted on the site.

This project is backed and supported by Parramatta Council who have already drawn up plans and conducted geotechnical surveys.



Our project has passed the first phase and been selected into the second phase - a public vote.

The Carlo Ovals are currently the worst for playing surface, lighting and the 5th worst for club house and facilities in Parramatta LGA


The current flood lighting is lighting of only 20LUX instead of a minimum standard of 50LUX for training or 100LUX for games. We have put up with substandard training conditions for too long.

Improved lighting coverage across all fields is a basic necessity for SAFE and effective training for all our players.

How To Vote:

  • Click the link to go to the My Communities voting page


    2.  Select your electorate

    3. Log in or create a MyServiceNSW Account

    4. Verify your identity with your medicare card

    5. Shortlist your favourite projects

    6. Arrange your top 3 to 5 projects

      • When you have at least 3 projects in your shortlist:

      • Go to 'My shortlist'.

      • Arrange between 3 and 5 of your favourite projects in order of preference.

      • Your preferred projects will be given points:

        • 1st preference – 10 points

        • 2nd preference – 5 points

        • 3rd preference – 3 points

        • 4th preference – 2 points

        • 5th preference – 1 point

    7. Submit your vote

For more detail on how to vote, Click Here

You can only vote for our Flood Light Upgrade Project if your live in the NSW Epping Electorate, if so, vote and encourage your local friends and neighbours to vote as well.

If you are a Roselea FC member but live outside the Epping Electorate, but have friends or family that live inside, please forward them the link below and encourage them to vote.

NSW Epping Electorate


If you have any question about the voting process, the grant or the Lighting Upgrade project or have expertise in civil works projects and would like to join our Roselea FC Carlingford Upgrade Sub-Committee, please contact Rohan at



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