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Working with Children Check

Under current FNSW regulations anyone volunteering as a team coach or manager, or an assistant coach or assistant manager for a sport team MUST have a Working with Children Check through the office of the Children’s Guardian.  This includes volunteers for senior teams.

It is now Illegal:


  • For a person to work or volunteer with children (u18) if they require a WWC Number and have not provided their WWC Number to their club.

  • For a club to engage a person in paid or voluntary work with children (U18) if a person requires a WWC Number and has not provided the club with a WWC Number.

  • For a club to not verify WWC Numbers provided to them and have on record the details of each verification.

  • Activities include but is not limited to  grading, training, coaching clinics, trials, and matches.


These must be received and verified BEFORE you have any further involvement with your respective teams.

When registering as a coach, manager or club official through, please enter your WWC number.  If you have applied but not received your WWC please enter you APP application number.  Your WWC number will need to be entered and communicated to the club once you have it.

The WWCC is free to obtain for volunteers and is completed online and lasts for 5 years, but you do need to go to a Service NSW office for ID verification.



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