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Is it worth learning to juggle with a soccer ball?

Absolutely, because there are many benefits from being able to control and manipulate a football whilst in the air. It is important for any player to develop a relationship with the football and juggling is one area of building this relationship. It can take time to master these football juggling skills and you will surprised at how often you will use them in a game situation.

Roselea 12UP Challenge

Roselea Football Stars, it is time to get out your skills and show us what you've got in our first online Comp, The Roselea 12UP Challenge. We will showcase them on this page and on our social channels.

How it works
  1. Watch the video and follow the instructions below.

  2. Copy the juggling sequence. 

    1. Have a practice first until you have it down.

    2. Get your Mum or Dad to video you on their smart phone.

  3. Take a video at the beginning and your final cut.

  4. Upload your video on the link provided on this page.


upload your video to your own Facebook or Instagram account and copy the following into the comments section: #roseleafc #roseleafcjuggling #footballjuggling #soccerjuggling @RoseleaFC @Roselea Football Club

Juggling Rules

  1. The ball must be controlled by the body parts in sequence from 1 to 12 as shown in the video.

  2. Prizes will be awarded for the best show of skill and control as well as the most improved from first to last attempt.

  3. Entries close by 2 August.

  4. Prize winners will be contacted through Facebook messenger with the winning videos posted on the club webpage.

  5. The judge’s decision will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

  6. Prizes

    1. First Prize - Roselea FC Hoodie

    2. Second Prize – Free football signed by our Roselea football Ambassadors (RFA)

    3. Third Prize – Roselea FC Cap

    4. Most improved – Roselea FC Cap

    5. Young Jugglers Award to a special player from the younger age groups – Roselea FC Cap

Every entrant receives a free drink voucher from Oliver Brown Carlingford



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