North West Sydney Football have advised Roselea FC of the following for the 2020 season.

  • The 2020 season is suspended until 31st May but has NOT been cancelled.  

  • Plans exist to play a competition depending on when the suspension ends. 

    • Roselea FC will resume team training within a few days of the end of the suspension;  

    • NWSF will commence games within 10-14 days of the end of the suspension;

    • Plans are being made to extend the winter season until the 2nd weekend of September; 

  • Draft competition formats allow for

    • a very near-to-full season if we are able to start in early June 

    • a strong 1/2 season competition if a start is delayed until early July;  

  • Non-competitive MiniRoo games will commence on the first weekend that competition starts and continue until the last day of ground availability (hopefully early September). 



Because the season is only suspended at this time, all teams will remain as already formed.  Everyone is urged to retain their registration and stay ready for a delayed start to the season. However, if parents or players decide they need to deregister immediately, the club will not prevent that from occurring – subject to the conditions listed below.  


Please note that players who do deregister will not be considered part of any ongoing team at the time when the competition resumes.   Such players would need to re-register into available teams at that time.


2020 FEES

As you may appreciate, there have been costs incurred at every level of the game to prepare for the season before a ball is kicked. FFA, Football NSW, NWSF and Roselea FC are all minimising current and future costs while still preparing to recommence football. With each week missed, there is also a drop in the cost of running competitions, and any possible benefits from Government funding packages also need to be considered. So, we ask all club members, to be patient and consider the broader interests of the game we all love.  We want to get you out on the park and will do our very best to ensure that happens in a safe environment with an appropriate registration fee for the games played

Full required adjustments to fees for the season can only be decided after we know how many matches will be possible for 2020 and the full impacts on funding across all parts of the game. The Club will continue to work with the other relevant football organisations to review the 2020 fees as soon as we have sufficient information.




If parents / players determine that they need immediately the following processes will apply.


A) Refund Amounts

Because we are unable to know exact fees to be charged for any players in 2020 we are only able to pay an Interim Refund at this time. That Interim Refund will be the fee amount paid less an interim withholding amount per age group.  A second refund amount will be paid once a full 2020 fee can be calculated. 


The interim withholding amounts will be

            u6s  - u11s    $40 withheld

            u12s - u16s   $65 withheld

            u17s - u18s   $90 withheld

            u21s; All ages, o30s, o35s and o45s - $150 withheld


NOTE:  The Active Kids Voucher payment ($100) is NOT refundable to parents.  That remains a direct Government payment to the registered sports club.


B) De-Registration Process

To request an immediate deregistration (and claim an Interim Refund payment) the following process must be completed. Please note: Both Step 1 and Step 2 must be completed.

Step 1. Request deregistration by copying, completing and pasting the template below & then emailing it to


To Roselea Football Club

I wish to request de-registration of the following players 
    Name:                                            Team:


    My name is:
    My contact phone number is:
    My relationship to the above players is:

I acknowledge that, at this time, these deregistrations will only receive an Interim Refund with an additional payment to a Final Refund to be made once the final registration charges for 2020 are determined.


I have completed the required player identification and refund payment information Online Form (See Step 2).

NOTE:  Each individual player over 18 years must request deregistration individually

                A parent or guardian, may request collectively de-registrations for their children u18 years


Step 2. Complete and submit all details required for each separate player de-registration on this Online Form.

C) Requests for further assistance

IF you are facing hardship due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and wish to seek a full refund at this time please contact Jeff Saul, Club President, with absolute confidentiality, at or 0418 662 912.



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