Roselea and Carlingford Ovals

All grounds in the Hornsby and Ryde districts (including Roselea and Carlingford) are hired by GHFA on behalf of Clubs. The Club is allocated training days and times by GHFA. We share Roselea Oval with Beecroft FC and Epping Eastwood Tigers.  Each Club pays a fee to GHFA for the use of the grounds. Posts are supplied by Council and the grounds are marked by Council.


Hornsby Council actually hires the Carlingford grounds from Carlingford High School (Dept. of Education) and they are used by the school during the week. Hence sometimes you will see other line markings on Carlingford 2 and 3 e.g. for their athletics carnival.


On Friday nights Carlingford Cougars hire the grounds. On Saturday mornings Carlingford 3 is hired by Arden College hence no early games are played at the ground.  



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