Development @ RFC

2020 RFC Development Programs.

Our 2020 RFC Football Development Program is about to commence, with something for everyone from U6 to O45s.

We invite you to look through what is on offer and engage with our club and our coaches to improve your football skills and football thinking. 


Some of the groups are open to all players at a small cost ($10).

Others are specialist 'Coach Nominated' clinics that focus on a particular position on the field. If you're interest in any of the specialist clinics please contact you team coach.

Coaches can contact to nominate Teams & Players or for more info.

Strikers Academy with RFA Cortnee Vine

To develop the skills and confidence of our specialist strikers in front of goal  to improve on-field success.

  • 4 Week program starting Monday 27 July, Harold West Oval

  • Coach nominated participants, boys and girls

  • Free of charge.

  • Age Groups

    • U10 to U12 - 6:30 - 7:30pm ​

    • U13 and up - 7:30 - 8:30pm 


Goal Keepers Academy, Led by Jeremy Billing, VP Seniors

To develope the skills and confidence of our goal keepers between the posts.

  • Every Monday of the season, Starting Monday 27 July, HaroldWest

  • Open to all new and old Goal Keepers, boys and girls. Talk to your coach to nominate you to Jeremy at

  • Free of charge.

  • Age groups and times

    • Participants will be grouped by age and experience

    • Times for each group will be negotiated between 5.00pm and 7.30pm

Andrea's Coach the Coach

Andrea Alabiso, our AA1, 'C' License Coach, will run a demonstration coaching session on a different topic each week.   

All Roselea FC coaches are encouraged to attend and observe the topic being coached.

  • 8 Week Program, 6 - 7.15pm Mondays from 3 August at Harold West Oval

  • Roselea FC junior teams  can nominate as the demonstration team for the training session. (Minimum 10 players to attend).

  • Free of charge.


Mon 10 August:  Attacking Play - Strikers positioning & movement when attacking. Counter attacking play; extra numbers when attacking and quick turnover play.  Setting up for an attacking corner

Mon 17 August:  Transitional Play - BPO (Ball Possession Opponent) vs BP (Ball Possession).  Tight and short defending vs wide and long attacking. Closing down angles.

Mon 24 August:  Maintaining Possession & Finishing moves - Teaching basics of keeping the ball and implementing “RONDO” in a game situation.  Thinking before you have the ball –Keeping the ball and moving the ball with purpose.

Mon 31 August:  Defensive Play - Defensive covering and how to cover on a counter attacking play. Eg a 3 on 2 situation. Setting up for a defensive corner.  Man to man marking.

Mon 7 September: Attacking Play  - Repeat Session 

Mon 14 September: Transitional Play  - Repeat Session 

Monday 21 September:  Maintaining Possession & Finishing moves - Repeat Session

Mini's Blue/Div 1 Teams, hosted by Great Star Coaching 

To develope the skills and confidence of our Mini's Blue and Div 1 teams to improve on field success and team performance.

  • Every Monday of the season, Starting 5:00 - 6:30pm ​ Monday 27 July, HaroldWest

  • Open to all Mini's Blue/Div1 players , boys and girls

  • $10 per participant for the full program.

MiniRoos Skills Clinic Hosted by Great Star

To develop the skills and confidence of our Mini's players.

  • Every Friday of the season, Starting Friday 31 July, Harold West Oval

  • Open to all MiniRoos, boys and girls

  • Age Groups

    • U6 to U8 - 5:00 - 6:00pm ​

    • U9 to U11 - 6:00 - 7:00pm 

  • $10 per participant for the full program.

Roselea Football Ambassador (RFA) In-Team Visits.

A club favourite, Cortnee Vine, is back at Roselea FC as an Ambassador for her third year and is looking forward to joining your team training soon. Coaches, contact to opt for an Ambassador to join your team training.

We are in negotiations with new 2020 Ambassadors and hope to have news for you very soon.