RFC Committee 2021 - Vacant positions

The following roles are still vacant.

Nominations are called for club member who can assist with all, or part, of the following roles:


Vice President, Junior (Mixed):     - To coordinate activities to promote, recruit players and form teams in age groups u12s –

                                                           u18s for Mixed, Saturday football.

                                                                 - To communicate with, and support coaches and managers of teams in these age groups.

                                                                   This role may be shared by two people.

Director, Communication and      - This role is about managing / coordinating other people.

Marketing:                                      - Overseer, coordinate and liaise between those who are coordinating, social media,     

                                                           website, sponsorship, club newsletter and other communications & marketing functions.

Director, Facilities & Equipment: - This role is about managing / coordinating other people.

                                                         - Coordinating those people in the club who deliver our oval canteen services, our

                                                           grounds manager duties, our club gear sales and team equipment distribution. 



Social Media Manager  - Manages, monitors and drives the RFC social media channels - mainly Facebook and Instagram

Sponsorship Coordinator  - Coordinates the club's search for new & continuing sponsors 

                                             - Coordinates the active relationship between the club and its existing sponsors  


Club Newsletter Coordinator:   - One or two people to manage the production and distribution of a club on-line

                                                        newsletter 9 times a year.

IF you

  • wish to nominate for one of these roles

  • wish to offer to help in part of one of these roles

  • know some one else you can recommend


  • want to find out more, or discuss any of the above

Contact Jeff Saul, Club President on 0418 662 912 or president@roseleafc.com