Carlo 1, 2 & 3 Upgrade Project Update


It is Happening.....

Phase 1. Flood Lights of Carlo 1, 2 & 3.
On Friday 26 March 2021, we celebrated the  8 new Flood light poles with a 'Switch On Carlo' ceremony.

The celbration was a fantastic evening with may of a mini's players playing small sided games under the lights for the first time, watch by their friends and family, enjoying a BBQ, and other footbal activities.

We were delighted to be joined by Lord and Lady Mayoress, Hon Bob and Jenny Dwyer, Councillors, Bill Tyrrel, Donna Davis and Lorraine Wearne, Federal Member for Bennalong John Alexander. 
From our football community Daniel Ristic, FNSW and Helen Armson, NWSF Board Chairperson.
The lights were installed by City of Parramatta Council and funded by grants through the offices of John Alexander, Federal Local member and Dominic Perrottet, NSW local member.

This is a major milestone in this phase of the overall upgrade project for the Carlingford Ovals facilities in readiness for the start of the 2021 season.


Click here to view the over all Project plan that we have prepared and submitted to council to provide a road map for us all to work towards to ensure a consistant and optimise facility.  

Phases will be planned and implemented as funding becomes available for each stage.

The project, 4 years in the making, with the significant milestones in 2019 of a $450,000 grant funding from the Commonwealth Government’s Female Facilities Program, through John Alexander's office and $45,000 NSW Government Community Building Partnerships grant through Dominic Perrottet's Office.
Ground works, laying of conduits and cables and installation of footings will continue through January with flood light pole and header fittings installed during March ready for the end of daylight savings and the 2021 season in April.
We would like to thank @counillordonnadavis and @BillTyrrell for the ongoing support of Roselea FC with the securing of the 10-year lease with DoE and assisting and guiding us through the process thus far.
Thankyou also to City of Parramatta Council’s front line and operations staff for a fantastic, close working relationship, Principal Carlingford High School, David Krust along with departmental staff for your support and approvals on your DoE owned facilities and NDCA President Shane Cotton for a fruitful and collaborative working relationship for all our members on the grounds we share at opposite ends of the calendar.
During the 2021 season, drainage works for the northern boundary of Carlo 2 & 3 will also commence to alleviate storm water run-on onto the ovals. This will impact competition games on Carlo 2 during the season but we will have access to the fields for training under our new lights.  We will keep you updated as works unfold.
Also imminent is renovation to the kiosk and amenities at the Roselea Club House, funded by a $15,000 NSW Government Office of Sport Local Sport Grant Program.


The history that we all know.....but the tide is turning.
The Carlo Ovals are currently the worst in Parramatta LGA for playing surface and lighting and the 5th worst for club house and facilities.  The grounds have; no irrigation or drainage causing frequent closure from flooding. The lighting of only 20LUX instead of a minimum standard of 50LUX for training and 100LUX for games.

Autum 2019 1.jpg

More good news....

In February 2020 we have secured a $45,000 Cummunity Building partnership Grant from the NSW Governemnt through the Office of our local member and state Treasurer, Dominic Perrottet towards the flood lighting component of the overall project.

These additional funds will be combined with our federal grant (below).

Progress Report....

Formation of COUSC (Carlingford Oval UpGrade SupCommittee) with members from our club who have civil works experience, representatives from Crickets NDCA, Carlingford High School, AgEnviro sopil Scientists, Council and FNSW. If you have any experience in any areas of civil works, planning or management or legal etc and are interested in joining COUSC please email Rohan at

A bubbler has been installed by Parramatta Council on the southern side of Roselea Oval (Christiaan, this one is for you).


An updated lighting design has been produced by council which will light the entire flat playing area beyond the existing ground positions. 


We will keep you updated as the project progresses.  We will also occasionally ask for your support to rally the troops and engage in project promotion activities, so when you hear the call get active and be involved.  Nothing gets awareness to the powers that be like a crowd of support.

Belo_20190427_InfrastructureGrant-020 cr
Belo_20190427_InfrastructureGrant-048 cr

$450,000 Infrastructure Grant Presented to Roselea FC by John Alexander,  MP for Bennelong

As a grass roots community club we are delighted to have been awarded a $450,000 Infrastructure Grant presented by John Alexander, Bennelong MP on behalf of the federal Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities.

We thank John Alexander for supporting our club and our community.